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CRPMI Foundation

In the year 27th September 2007 “Christ Resurrection Power Ministries International Foundation” which commenced as a small home group, was officially injected into the legal records of Zwolle municipality after years of Operating on the Dutch land , The Netherlands as a Foundation which is a.k.a. C.R.P.M.I. with Pastor Isaac Kamara as the founding President and Chairman.


Our objectives are:

     To follow the example of Jesus Christ and meet the needs of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs of humanity.  

     Through feeding the hungry, healing the sick and comforting the broken hearted. Also offering help and fighting against ignorance and poverty. This can also be achieved by teaching and preaching the Word of God. 

     Building a positive communities, and the strengthening of relations. We are committed to working hand in hand together with organizations that carries out the same or similar objectives throughout the Netherlands as well as in the rest of the world.

     Giving a spiritual and social training in communities using Christian (Biblical) foundational principles.  

     On a contemporary manner with love, establishing an atmosphere to encourage mankind to follow Jesus Christ.  

     Finding solution for the physical, psychological, social and emotional problems of mankind.  

     Sponsoring ministers of the Gospel who wish to study Theology abroad.
We are currently engaged in a different kind of projects, and helping different communities to enable us fulfil our aim and objectives. We are carrying out projects in the Netherlands, Africa and India


Christian Church:

As you already have read, we are engaged in Christian Church activities in the Netherlands in our municipality. We meet on every Sunday, but we are also throughout the week busy talking about Jesus Christ, and helping mankind with spiritual, physical, mental and emotionally challenges.
In the near future we would like to direct our attention on the youth of the Netherlands by organizing activities that may attract the youth and to motivate them to becoming responsible persons to the society. It will be an example for others to follow and to discourage street mongers to find a better purpose in life.

Project “The good Samaritan” :

CRPMI as group of people exodus into the street and offer help to the homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics and other people who finds themselves in a difficult situations. We bring these people into contact with the right authorities and organization to receive additional help. We organize programmes whereby they hear the message of hope and transformation. This messages contributes to a change of mindset and would eventually change their lives.
Single mothers with children are often received financial and material help. Monies are offered in providing food etc. Our aim of this project is to bring a breakthrough in the lives of these people so that they may have a second chance to genesis a new paradigm shift of Holistic mentality.
Do you want to offer us financial help for this project? Do you want to go together with us to the street to reach out to the homeless?
Do you want to demonstrate to this people that there is yet another hope?
If you are ready to offer any help, then please contact:

Pastor Isaac Kamara on the Telephone number: +31(0)627281512 or e-mail us at: Do you want to give us a financial contribution? You can then send your gift to our account number: Rabobank: 127260951 or Giro-account number: 4587878 with a characteristic, Project “The good Samaritan”



Project “Coca cola with Christmas”

“Coca cola with Christmas” this slogan is a bit controversial. According to the initiator Madam Louise van der Sloot. In some part of Africa is not so easy to come by a glass of cola like here in the Netherlands (Europe) especially for the children in a very poor circumstances.
This project is done annually whereby at the end of the year, party is organized for children from the street and all walks of life to have a glass of “cola with Christmas”. Every child receives a meal and a glass of cola with some biscuits on first Christmas day.

What a privilege to see children who are being brought up in a poor environment to celebrate in happiness during Christmas.
Last year we were able to feed about 2500 children on the first Christmas day. We hope that this project would be expanded so that this project will not only serve in the capital of Ghana (Accra) but it will be extended to the most part of the rural areas of Ghana and Africa.

Last year, the President of CRPMI, (Pastor Isaac Kamara) played a supporting role to lead the project. But in this year and  the coming years the president would like to take up the mantle to lead.  If you want more information about this project  please do not hesitate to contact us. Our e-mail address is: or Do you also want to play a role in this project? Please contact then Pastor Isaac Kamara on this Telephone number: 038-8520821
Do you also want to support us financially? then you can donate  any amount of money with an inscription “Coke for Christmas” into our account number: Rabo Bank: 127260951 or Girorekening 4587878.
This is just the Genesis, we are striving so that in the future, we will be able to support, sponsor a child educational programme.


Rabobank 127260951 

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