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Isaac Kamara

Isaac Kamara who is a Dutch citizen but originally hails from the West Africa, he spent his early childhood in Africa. He was saved and converted to Christ during his teenage years with a strong influence of the Church of Pentecost. Rev. Isaac Kamara’s love for Jesus Christ and his passion to study the Word of God (the Bible) led him to the Eagle Nest Bible College where he successfully completed with a diploma and later on, he has had a number of theological studies in Europe and the US. When it comes to Biblical sound doctrines, Pastor Isaac Kamara gives no room for error, therefore he spends hours daily in the reading of the Bible and Prayers.  He is strongly imparted positively by Derek Prince and Derek Prince ministry for sound doctrines and Biblical Training. He has served the Lord in many capabilities; a Worshipper; a Bible Study and Sunday School Teacher, a Committed Prayer Warrior Leader, a Secondary School Preacher, Church Planting in

Pastor Isaac Kamara

Pastor Isaac Kamara

Europe and West Africa, a street Evangelist etc, etc. He is based in The Netherlands (Europe).


He is an ordained minister of the gospel and he is the general overseer and the founder of  the Christ Resurrection Power Ministries International with branches in Europe and Africa. He is also the director of C.R.P.M.I. Foundation Projects, a foundation dedicated to fighting against Ignorance and Poverty, Feeding the Hungry, Building a positive Communities, and the Strengthening of relations Giving a Spiritual and Social training in communities, using Christian (Biblical) Foundational principles. Finding solution for the Physical, Psychological, Social and emotional problems of Mankind. Most of this objectives is achieved by the teaching and the preaching of the Word of God – The Bible, and by sharing God’s love in kind and deeds. By the grace of God, he is a visionary Apostle to the nations. The Founder of the Christ Resurrection Power Ministries International with offices in The Netherlands and in West Africa.


Rev. Isaac Kamara carries a dynamic and a tangible Holy Spirit anointing on his life. He is a fire brand Pastor and an Evangelist, with a unique preaching style, healing, deliverance and teaching ministry. Over the years, his theme, which is taken from the letters of Paul to the Philippians 3:10 “That I may know Him (CHRIST) and the Power of His Resurrection” has aspired him to seek a daily deeper relationship with Christ and to rediscover His Resurrection Power. He is a regular speaker at conferences, healing & deliverance gatherings, revival meetings, and crusades.


The preaching of the gospel has taken him to nations in Europe and in West Africa. His practical messages of hope, restoration and faith in Jesus Christ has brought positive life changes, healing, deliverance and salvation to countless number of people. God has commissioned him to take the total Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to the nations and to provide hope for the hopeless with signs, wonders and healing following his message. His ministry is blessed with an unusual manifestations of miraculous divine healing, deliverance and prophetic ministrations, prayer revivals, breakthroughs, and soul winning and conversion to Christ.




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