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These testimonies are here to encourage, uplift, and inspire you.

 “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” – Ephesians 4:29


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My name is Noella. I am 27 years old. I was dying of a blood cancer called leukemia from my childhood. The doctors in Groningen and Drachten here in The Netherlands had done all they knew best to save my life but they could not cure me. I suffered from a severe body weakness and I was most of the time very tired. I had lost weight and have had constant fever. What the doctors told me was that I had to live with this cancer in the blood for the rest of my life, and my situation got worsen everyday.

They had tried all the medicine known to them for my case but the sickness wouldn’t go away. Early 2010, I begun constantly passing out and got into coma at an average of once in every twee weeks. At times I felt dizzy and without any warning, I would just pass out into coma and I became as cold as dead. I constantly lost my breath and could not easily breath as I should.



This unthinkable happened on the streets of Drachten (Friesland), at school, at home etc, etc. Whenever I pass out, people had to call the ambulance service for them to convey me to the hospital and at times I had to spent some hours before I was able to recover consciousness. Many times, I was admitted for days at the hospitals in Leeuwarden, Groningen and Drachten. I was very known to the ambulance service in the vicinities of the above mentioned cities. And I knew that they were all fed up of me, but I knew that Jesus Christ was not fed up of me to heal me.

The doctors who diagnosed me told me that I had a very short life to die. I did not believe to live to the 3rd year of my life since 2010, but look what the Lord has done. He healed my body and saved me.

I started visiting The Christ Resurrection Power Ministries in Drachten and I told the Pastor (Isaac Kamara) about my case and he asked the whole church to pray for me, I later felt a bit better. I kept hearing the word (preaching) of faith from the man of God and I kept believing God for a total healing and freedom from pain.

On Saturday 11 June 2011, after some musical and dance party, with friends, I was overwhelmed with tiredness and weakness and without any warning, I passed out and I went into a deep coma, everyone thought that I was death, some of these information I later heard from those who were close to me (my pals) because whenever I pass out, I could not remember a thing. A friend of mine called Francis had to called the ambulance service for me and they tried for hours to revive me. After spending some days at the hospital, Pastor Isaac Kamara asked me if I will allow him to intensify his prayers for my healing. I agreed and he begun to pray for hours for me.

I was slain under the power of the Holy Spirit and for about three hours I went into a deep, deep sleep and I saw a vision. In my vision, I saw a Man in a white linen garment stretching His hands towards me, He asked me to come to Him for salvation. I took His hands and He pulled me up from a pit. I knew right away that He was Jesus Christ my Saviour. Before this experience, I had seen many in the church testified similar stories and I have seen people got healed and delivered. One instances a man who was in the occult (Occultic grand master) was freed from demonic oppression and another young man was healed from a stroke in the left hand, all this happened in the church in Drachten. But this time, it was my turn and Jesus did it. Praise the Lord.

When I waked from my “deep sleep”, I narrated the vision to my pastor and he said that Jesus had healed me, but I should still go and confirm it at the hospital. The following week, I asked a sister from the church called Baukje to accompany me to the hospital, following the instruction of our pastor. A test was conducted on me and the doctors could not find any trace of leukemia in my blood.

Praise the Lord Halleluiah! I am healed by Christ Jesus. Since 14 June 2011 till now 18 November 2013, I am a living testimony that the Lord heals. I have vowed to follow and serve Christ till my last breath. He saved my soul and planted within me a desire to serve Him throughout my life. The doctors asked me what happened to me and I told them that Jesus had healed me but they were speechless. Today, Jesus Christ is my Lord, my King, and my LIFE.


I’m called David (47) I am originally from Nigeria. I am living in the Netherlands for the past 14 years. I suffered some mental illness and by God’s grace I am healed. I would like to write this testimony to encourage someone out there who might be going through similar problems so he/she may have faith in God and to anticipate the working miracle, healing and deliverance of God.

I did a lot of bad things in life back then when I was in Lagos – Nigeria. Though I never use drugs in my life. In the year 2003, I was then an asylum seeker at a refugee centre in a city called Zwolle in the Netherlands – Europe.



The system and the procedures in which we had to go through in regard of asylum seeking and refugee begun to have a negative effect on me and the insecurity thereof. I begun to heavily consume alcohol. The little money I receive weekly was spent in the consumption of alcohol. One afternoon, I took my clothes to wash and all hell broke out against me. I suddenly lost my memory and begun to behave very strangely. I had lost my reasoning and I was out of control.

The social workers, COA and VWN, and the police were called in to calm me down but I was carried away and no one knew what was wrong with me. I took my clothes off an begun to run after the women in the centre. Before the police was called in, I run around the centre naked and bare foot. Whiles they were contemplating of sending me to the psychiatric hospital, a Christian lady from the VWN (social work) called and asked Pastor Isaac to come to the centre.

Before that incident, Pastor Isaac used to visit the centre weekly to pray for people and to share the gospel and distribution of gospel tracks to the people in the centre. When he arrived at the centre, he asked permission from the authorities so he can pray for me.

He took me to one of the rooms and begun to pray for about 25 minutes and I felt like something dropped from my eyes and I begun to act and see normal once again. He called my name David, what was wrong with you? I responded and said, I don’t know sir. They gave me clothes to wear. All the social workers and the police were amazed for that instance deliverance by Christ Jesus. Pastor Isaac told me that I had to go through a deliverance / exorcism so that I could be completely freed from that experience.

When I came back to my senses and I was informed about all what I did at the centre, I felt very ashamed of myself, therefore when the pastor asked me to go with him to his house without hesitating, I ask the permission from the COA (the social work) I went with the pastor to his house then he asked me that they have to expel the evil spirits that were tormenting me after I had narrated all the bad things I did in Nigeria. The evil spirit of madness left me at the command of the man of God in Jesus name at the refugee centre, but there were other demons who were still tormenting me as well.

Pastor and his two deacons ( John and Roland) begun to pray for my deliverance. I had never in my life experience that kind of confrontational prayer before. During prayer, I saw myself took off all my clothes and I was naked. The deacons begun to laugh and Pastor Isaac rebuked them to keep praying for my deliverance. Many demons left my body including demon in charge of masturbation.

At this point, deacons John and Roland run away from the prayer room and I was with the Pastor alone. By the command of the man of God, I heard myself with a loud scream and all the evil spirits left my life one after the other. During all that process, I was not in control of myself and I could not recollect everything, it was later that the deacons narrated all what had happened in detail. After the deliverance I became very light and weak.

Praise my Lord Jesus Christ for His wonders in my life, Amen. I was completely delivered and till today I am a free person. At first, when all this happened to me, someone had called my family in Africa, informing them that I was insane and my family had wanted me to return to Africa but when they later discovered that I was in the church and that I was healed, my family then called the pastor to thank him.

The proposal between the church and the social was that I should stay about two weeks with him so that he could help me and to pray for me. But I end up staying at his house for more than three months, though I was completely freed. I wouldn’t like to go back to the centre until the COA called the pastor to bring me back to the centre because I had to report to the police.

We attended church services, prayer meetings and Bible studies and I was later converted to following Jesus Christ. I was baptized in a river close to Aalanden, Zwolle – The Netherlands. Today, I am happy and my life have been fruitful. All glory be unto God.

With God Nothing is Impossible!

My name is Merissa and i’m from Angola. I’ve been living in Holland for about 8 years. And i have a 12 year old daughter.

6 years ago i had to undergo a major heart surgery because i had a big heartproblem and they had to perform open heart surgery on me.



A few years after the surgery in 2004 i had to go back to the hospital because i was having problems with my heart again. I lost consciousness on an average of 3 times a week and every time i had to be taken to the hospital with an ambulance. The doctors told me i had to have an other open heart surgery. My chances of surviving the operation would be around 20%. They to make up my will and write down who would have to take care of my daughter. All of this because i was not likely to survive the surgery.

I felt desperate and depressed. I didn’t feel like eating and i became sicker.

I wanted to make an appointment with the hospital about when i would be admitted and have the surgery. But because there was a very long waiting list, i was re-directed to the Sophia hospital in Zwolle. It was at that time i got to know Christ Ressurection Power Ministry.

I had met Pastor Isaac a few years before when we were taking the same course, but i didn’t know then that he was a pastor. When i came in and saw Pastor Isaac, i was pleasantly surprised. I told him my problem and the stress i was going through.

Pastor told me that there was hope, that there are two kinds of reports.

One is the human report and the other is God’s report. The report the doctors had was the human report. And Pastor told me i had to have hope and faith that Jesus still performs miracles and is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. The pastors of the chruch started to pray for me and during this prayer i felt that something happened inside of me. Pastor told me to believe that i was healed. When i came home i already felt better and every day and step by step i was doing better. The next Sunday when i came to church again, Pastor Isaac told me to to make an appointment with the hospital to have my heart examinated. The following day i immediatly called the hospital i no longer wanted to have the surgery as i felt a lot better but the doctors didn’t believe me and agreed to examin my heart again. They examined my heart very well but couldn’t find any problem any more. I was completely healed. The doctors were amazed and almost couldn’t believe it. It is through prayer and through the mighty name of Jesus that i am healed! Since that time i haven’t experience any problems with my heart anymore.

I gave my life to Jesus and Pastor Isaac baptized me after that.


My name is Henry Enna and i’m from Nigeria. In 2004 i experienced great difficulties in my life after receiving a letter from Africa. Immediatly after i read this letter i was not able to concentrate on anything, i lost my realisation of things. And i started to hear diffrent agressive voices.

Henry Enna

Henry Enna

I lived in Holland 4 years and everything was going well with me. Untill i received this letter.

Everything i saw i started to see double.

I started to see dead people. I saw my ancestors who came to me and wanted to kill me and take me witht hem. They spoke to me about death and i got very confused. I often tried to throw myself in front of a train and tried to drown myself in the river but there would always be people to rescue me. This became so intense that people around began to think i had gone mad. The police and ambulance came to take me to a psychiatric hospital in Groningen. Here the problem only got worse. The medication which i got prescribed was so strong it made my problem worse.
Nobody noticed that it was a spiritual problem and not a mental problem so the medication didn’t work for me and made everything worse.

All of this happened within 8 months time and there was no solution until i went to a meeting in Zwolle. And somebody introduced me to Pastor Isaac to pray for me. After i had met Pastor Isaac he invited me to his church for special prayers.

After having a conversation with him everybody in church started to pray for me. After praying 45 minutes i could see everything normal and clear again, the voices disappeared and i didn’t see death people any more. I realised that my problem was demonic and that it had to do with the letter i received from Africa.

Medicine couldn’t solve my problem. Only prayer, the Blood and the powerful name of Jesus could save me from this nightmare. I give God all thanks and honor for my liberation. I AM FREE THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS. I am doing well, i still walk in my freedom and so far this problem has not returned.


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